What I Wear-Don't Be A Flabby Christian!

I'm wearing-Black Blazer-$10 Ross//Black lace shirt-$3.00 thrifted//Neon pink skirt-$10 Rue 21//Black ballet flats-Crocs $25//Necklace-$8 Vanity//White tank top-Maurice's $10

I've been reading "Wrestling Prayer" by Eric and Leslie Ludy. I highly recommended this book! 
In the current chapter I'm reading, they're talking about being flabby Christians. It's interesting to think about our inner spiritual life in these terms. While God certainly doesn't require us to be physically svelte, I think our inner life is a different story. 

We can wreck our outer health by eating a steady diet of junk (uh, Cheetos and ice cream aren't health building FYI haha). In the same way, by feeding ourselves a steady spiritual diet of junk, we tear down our relationship with Christ and thereby tear down our spiritual health. Haven't read your Bible in who knows how long? That muscle's looking pretty flabby there. Spent all day watching tv? Sounds like a recipe for spiritual disaster. Idleness really is the devil's playground. Am I mentioning all this because I myself have an amazing spiritual physique? Nope. Far from it! I struggle just as much as anyone to read my Bible regularly, to pray more than "give me, give me". But I want to encourage you ladies to get those spiritual muscles into shape. Here are a few tips for reading your Bible and praying regularly: 
1. Do it.
Seriously, that's it! Quit making excuses, you can do this. Don't beat yourself up if you forget to read it one day, start over. Ask God for help in being faithful. Do you read or pray out of duty? I hope not. Prayer and reading your Bible shouldn't be done because it's what you "should" do. 
  Now your asking, "So if I don't feel like praying, does that mean I don't love God?" No, of course not. Feelings lead us astray. God knows your heart and your intentions, maybe better than you do. 
Just do it. 


  1. You look pretty! I like how your skirt is a cheerful color in the midst of November.
    This is a good post Natasha, thanks for sharing what you've been learning! :)

  2. I enjoy the fashion a lot, but I love the pep talk! Very encouraging.

  3. This was SO encouraging to read! Thank you so much for the reminder! And love the outfit so cute :)

  4. I love your skirt! So glad to have found your blog. : )


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