What I Wear-New Year Thoughts

I'm wearing-Black beanie-Rue 21 $1//Red and black buffalo check plaid shirt-Rue 21 $10//Jeans-Aeropstale $10
I thought since I've been neglecting my blog, it would be a good idea to post just once more before 2015 is over.
his year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, tears and sadness. But it was also filled with smiles and memories. 
 What's my take away from this year? Life is fragile and in God's hands. I knew that before, obviously, but it was solidified through many events. 
 So my year in review;
My grandpa passed away, my mom almost died in the hospital, my aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer, we closed our church, not to mention two work related accidents for employees that were pretty severe. Which I suppose I'm mentioning, even though I said, "Not to mention..." Haha!
 I was listening to a sermon podcast yesterday that really spoke to me. He used two gifts as a sermon illustration.
One was wrapped beautifully, the other horribly mangled and sealed with a bandage instead of tape.
e proceeded to let someone open both. The nicely wrapped gift contained an apple with a bite tak
He asked people, "Which looks more appealing?" Their obvious reply, "The prettily wrapped one." Then
hen out of it. The nastily wrapped gift contained an Apple TV. 
 In much the same way, we view circumstances and situations through human eyes. When God calls us to walk a path, wrapped in a horrible exterior, tainted by the bandage, we groan and complain. "Why this, God?" Is our jaded question. "Just wait my child. Open the gift before you judge what I've given you." Is His loving reply. 
 Compliance to God is rewarded with chaos. Seriously. Choosing Christ and His plan will never be easy. Satan will attack with everything he's got if you're posing a threat. If you're simply existing, never stepping out into the unknown chaos called, "God's will", why attack a target that's not a threat? 
 So embrace the chaos, it's a beautiful thing.
Happy New year to all my beautiful gals, may the Lord bless you with chaos and give you many horribly wrapped gifts this coming 2016.
promise I didn't just curse you :)

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  1. What a cozy outfit! It looks good with the snow...though I'm sure it was cold!
    Well, it sounds like you've had a tough year. :\ It's so good that you have learned through the hard times though. I'm sure you've grown a lot. Thanks for sharing that analogy! It's a good one.


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