What I Wear-Resting Heart Rates And Neon Green

JuI'm wearing: Green neon cardigan-thrifted $2// Black infinity scarf-Vanity $10//Striped Dress-Ross $19// Boots-Keens $90
Hello lovelies, how are you? I'm happy to be able to share an outfit today. Actually, in the spirit of honesty, this is only the second time this week I've gotten dressed... I had a cold that knocked me out pretty good. I laid around on the couch for 4 days! Which, if you know me, is highly unusual. I'm a go, go, go girl. Always doing something, moving and working. 
So my outfits consisted of pjs and Kleenex. So glad to be feeling better. I don't think I truly value my health till it's less than 100%. 
 An interesting thing though, shortly before I got sick I was reading about how illness affects your resting heart rate negatively. 
For instance, I have a Fitbit with constant heart monitoring and this is the screen shot of my resting heart rate this week- 
 Pretty weird, huh? And sort of cool! When your body fights an infection it causes the rest of your body to work harder. So I'll now be freaking out when my resting heart rate starts climbing...

Note: I do not agree with everything the Dressing Your Truth teaches in regards to "feelings" and the like. If you stick strictly to the fashion, I think there's much to glean. I typically just skip through the weird stuff.


  1. Glad you're feeling better!

    The outfit looks great on you, but the green is way too bold for me.

    Our only snowfall of the winter so far has almost melted. I guess you're just lucky! Stay warm!

    - Taylor

  2. I like the color combo of neutral stripes with a bright color pop! :D Your boots look comfy.
    Well, that is very interesting! You learn something new every day. :)

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Being sick is the worst.
    I like the pop of color from the cardigan. Nothing like neon green to shake up an outfit of neutrals. :)


  4. Your hair is beautiful, and I love the bold colors, they look so good on you.


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