Flashback-Popular Posts From The Past

I thought it might be fun to do a post highlighting the most popular posts from my blog. 
But I'd also love to know where you ladies would like to go from here. What type of posts would you like to see in the future? Are there needs I'm not meeting? Topics you'd like to discuss? Send me a comment, or shoot me an email. 


  1. The dress in the second picture is so cute!
    I like seeing fashion posts the most, but another topic you've covered on your blog that I like reading about is THM. I find anything health/fitness related so interesting.


  2. I recently reached that point where I started caring about how I look - so I'd love to see clothes shopping tips, maybe even one for thrift stores specifically (redoing a wardrobe ain't cheap!). What should I buy first, what should I expect to pay for it, how to save money, etc.? Maybe some creative ideas for putting together a new outfit with what I've already got. I basically don't accessorize either so maybe you have some suggestions for that?
    Thank you in advance for whatever help you can offer! :)
    - Taylor

  3. This is always a fun post idea! :) By the way, our little girl is named Ramona (Rammy for short). Love your hair in the eShakti post!


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