Maid Marian

Hi everyone, I'm soooo excited to be participating in Amanda Beth's fashion event!

So I'm not really sure where to start! I loved everything about the BBC Robin Hood drama. Except when they killed Maid Marian! While I did love the drama involved, I think it ruined the whole series for me! My whole family had sat down to watch the episode, and my sister and I ended up crying by the end! Her outfits are positively medieval! ; ) Punn intended! LOL! Sorry, no more cheesy humor! I think anyone who owned a bow during the airing of Robin Hood, had the itch to target practice. (I did!) I am slightly urked that I can't accept any other Robin Hood than the guy in the BBC tv show! We tried watching some of the older Robin Hood's, it took us about a half hour to figure out "why" we didn't like it!
Medieval movies are very popular, and always have been I think. I will be posting my "Maid Marian inspired" dress towmorrow! Its kind of inspired by Maid Marian, and then a little of George and the dragon stirred in! If you haven't checked out Amanda Beth's blog, DO! You won't regret it!


  1. I didn't so much mind the plot at the end of Season Two (although it was definitely sad), but I thought the execution of it in the last two episodes was TERRIBLE. They were the weakest episodes of the entire season and I was left thoroughly disappointed that I hadn't been more moved by the drama. I felt a bit like, "ok, let's get this over" by the end. SAD. :(


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