My "Maid Marian" inspired dress!

Hi Everyone! So, the bell tolls, and Maid Marian's Dress is revealed. I'd like to tell you about my dress.I made it with a pattern, started cutting the pieces out, and realized the instructions were non-exsistant! Thats right, I did this ENTIRE dress without instructions! LOL! I'm  really blessed it came out this well! I used fabric thats been lying around the house being useless. I guess I'll start with the hood. I had no pattern for the hood so I took one of my hoodies and cut around the hood, stiched the fabric up and... voila'! I cut strips of fabric and warpped them around my arms (with moms help!  : )P   The belt is something I wear all the time with my "modern" clothes.  The dress pattern orginally didn't tell what to do with the skirt, so I slit the dress so the light colored skirt would show through. There is also a lovely train in back. After making this dress, and seeing how perfectly it fits me, I think I'm going to modernize it and make a summer dress from the pattern. I'll probably have to shorten the length (it took ten yards of fabric!) YIKES! That can get expensive! Luckily I had this fabric!


  1. What a lovely dress! Is it really snowing there? Wow. :)

  2. Oh you're so lucky to have beautiful snow!!! I love your dress! Very pretty! :)

  3. Fun stuff! You did great on your dress! (And hoods are always so cool! ;)

  4. Very pretty! I love it! Snow! Oh, I wish it was snowing here!! :) I JUST love snow! :D

  5. I really like your dress, Natasha! You did a great job on it!

  6. We just had snow too! I love your hood!!! The slits in the skirt are really creative and wonderfully medieval.

  7. I LOVE it!!! I wish I could sew like that!!



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