*Snow* or otherwise known as *S**W*

Hello Everyone! Today is my day to whine about the snow! (Just Joking!) I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of the woods outside our house. Yesterday was around 65 degrees, and when I woke up today , it was raining, which then turned to snow! YUCK! I've resolved this year to enjoy the snow and think of the positives, instead of the negatives. So...when is it gonna be wet enough snow to go sledding?? Maybe never! Oh well! On the plus side, the snow DOES look pretty! I'm thinking about putting a hoodie on and taking some scenery shots aside from the ones I can take through the window! LOL! My parents went to Utah Saturday, (at 4AM!) Leaving my 25 year old sister and I here at the house. Oh! The wonders of TV! We totally vegged  our eyes out. Have I mentioned I don't like Sci-Fi movies? Well I don't! We watched Planet Of The Apes, and about a half hour/hour or so into the movie I was sick of it. Kinda interesting (in a wierd way) Mom and Dad ended up getting home about 3AM that  night. My sister and I tried to stay up till they got home. (Well I stayed up, she dozed off several times!) It was the longest day of my life! And the next morning, I did something I haven't done in like two years! I slept till noon!!!! Yes! I DID! Usually, Sun. mornings we're at church (We are the pastors family after all!) but we got one of the families in church to do the service for us. I felt so heathenish! LOL! Just joking! It was nice to have the morning off. So, does anyone have any  ideas of what I can post about? Glad to hear any of your ideas!   

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