Modest Swimwear

I had someone ask me about modest swimwear, so here it goes!
First off, I want to make it clear that swimwear-at least in my opinion-can't really be very mdoest. BUT! There are alternatives! The main problem I have with swimsuits, skin tight! So I got my swim suit at
Diviine Modestee they are kind of pricey, but if your to the age where you've stopped growing then it s good buy! While not as modest as some others listed, it was cute, and I was just learing to swim and mom said not to get the knee length swim skirt. If your a good swimmer-which I'm not!- then you should be ok with the knee length ones. Oh, note on the Diviine Modestee, you should get a skirt somewhere, because the bottoms are quite short, at least for me. : )
So heres a list of swimwear to check out-listed in order of modesty
Wholesome WearI wish I'd known about the website BEFORE I got the other suit, oh well!A little late now!
Hydro Chic Cute athletic/surfer girl look
Diviine Modestee

Another option is to Google "modest swimwear" or something like that. But these are a few to get you started! Happy swimsuit shopping!
BTW: The picture above is one that can be found at Diviine Modestee pretty cute! I got the Cocoa one, its a bit too low on me, but I'm thinking of wearing it with a tank top! I think its a good idea, has anyone tried wearing a tank top under their swim-suits?


  1. For swim bottoms I wear boy's swim shorts because you can get some really long ones, but be warned: they're somewhat uncomfortable in the crotch. But finding swim tops can be really hard...

  2. Thanks SO much!!! Been looking for modest swimwear for a while...I really like Diviine Modestee!!! I have to definitely keep them in mind next time! What I used this summer was a rashguard and boardshorts from Rip worked really well other than the rashguard is kinda tight...not to mention pricey...thanks SO much again!

  3. Omg
    I love it.
    Its pink and modest.
    Its lovely. and it screams nice and fun and modest.
    I have to get one like this.

  4. I just came across this article and found it very interesting indeed.
    Further Info :

  5. I usually use athletic clothing as swimwear.


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