What I'm Wearing- Only the essenstials!

Aloha from "sunny" Montana! : ) So "sunny" might be a slight stretch of the imagination! I'm starting to get my annual "I'm ready for Summer, sunburns and flip flops" mood! Isn't it funny how we take for granted what we have? Or not so funny....Summer comes and you want the cool of Winter. Winter comes, and you want the heat of Summer! Theres no pleasing anybody! Those who have, don't want, and those who don't have want it! In an effort of rebellion against Winter, I've begun adapting my Summer clothes into Winter-ized clothes. I find that if I wear brighter colors, its more springy! No, I'm not sure thats a word! Hmmm...prehaps I've started a new trend! : )
As the title suggests, I'm wearing my essential items. I thought it would be interesting to see what your two most essential items in your closet are? Mine would have to be my white skirt (pictured) and my newly found friend, the white shrug(also pictured!) If you don't own a white skirt, please consider it! Its such an easy addition to any closet, dressing up a hoodie, or down a shirt like this one. You would think "Oh my gosh! Shes wearing white?! thats nuts!" But its actually the opposite! Being white, I wear it until it gets dirty or stained, and then bleach it! It comes out super clean and fresh, ready for my next excursion! I really love pairing my white skirt with: 1.A tee shirt
2. A hoodie
3.A tunic
All are superb! Plus, white is kind of one of those "got to colors" up there with black. Just make sure you choose a white skirt with a good slip, as you don't want it too sheer! : ()

-What I'm Wearing-
Hat: Maurices
White Shrug:JcPenneys
Leggings:Target (online)

So: answer! Whats your most essential item hidden in your closet? Pulled out at every oppurtunity! ?????


  1. Cute! I'm ready for warm weather, too! Love how you layered! =)

  2. I have two white skirts, I wear them so much in the summer! I recently restrained myself from buying another. I'd have to say my most used pieces are my leggings, and boots.

  3. This is so cute!!! =) I love it.

  4. You're outfit is so sute! Mine are: My right-under-knee dark jean skirt, and my sleevless black dress :)

  5. hahah!!!yep skirts are good only I just so happen to be a the all black type of person!!!!no I'm not emo I just love black!!!


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