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Hey everyone! I had someone ask me about "sale shopping" (as I call it) and if I could do a post on various sales. Here it goes!

So, you think you know what you could get for $15, right? WRONG! I received a $15 Wal Mart gift card from Daddy, only I could strecth that to-get this!-8 SHIRTS!!! Ok, so anyone actually paying attention- or nit picking me ; )- will notice theres only 6 shirts in the picture! I can explain! I bought my little sister a shirt and vest as well! Yep, pretty cool! Heres a list of places you can get good sales right now:
1. Maurices
3.Wal Mart
This is not a complete list of stores that you can get good prices on sale items, but a few I've found.
In the picture I got The shirt I'm wearing at Wal Mart, the black shrug at Kmart, the purple from Kmart, the blue from Wal Mart, the white from JcPenneys, the striped from JcPenneys. Pretty cool prices! I encourage you to WAIT and see if that "perfect" shirt you've been wanting goes on sale. In this economy, you want to be super careful with your money! If you have any other questions, or better yet requests! I would be glad to do a post on it! Have a great weekend!

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