What I Wear- Spring Like Weather (Otherwise Known As 40 Degrees!)

Hello! Ok, so I'm really trying to get posts up every day till the Modest Fashion show,  but we'll see how that goes! So far, it hasn't worked very well! : ) LOL! So anyways, I got this super cute- in my opinion- hoodie at a local thrift store! It was only $2! I thought it zipped all the way, but it only zips part of the way down! I've never seen a hoodie with a partial zipper before! Have you?                                                                         I'm super excited to be participating in an "Act Like Odyssey" contest! Its so much fun to do movies! So, I'm off to do that with my siblings! I'll try to post some pictures of "on the set" tomorrow or the next! Have a great day! Natasha

What I'm Wearing
Hoodie- $2! Rescue Mission Thrift Store
Skirt- Made by me! LOVE IT!
Tights-Herbergers! There having some great sales! Check them out!


  1. Hi Natasha! I voted in your poll; I want to see more outfits! Also, I have a question. Do you raise your own money for your clothes, or do your parents buy them? Just wondering; I'm trying to buy my own clothes now, but money isn't that plentiful! :) Also, how often do you go shopping? Do you set limits for yourself like some people? i.e you don't spend more than a certain amount on an item or something?

    I can't wait to see the fashion show. I would join but I'm kinda shy. :/

  2. The hoodie is cute.
    I have seen hoodies with partial zippers.
    Dnt believe you have not!

  3. Shaynie:Do I have to answer this truthfully?! GRIN : ) My parents do my buy my clothing! I do set limits on prices, I don't pay more than $10 for jeans, $8 for shirts. I know this seems like a crazy low price, but if you wait some amazing sales come up! I've gotten shirts anywhere from $8-$0.30! So they are out there. I'm cutting buying clothes acutually! (Yeah, I know, I know! I've said that before!) But I'm putting this in writing, so I'll stick to it! Otherwise, I'd have to confess! : ) Hope this answers your question! Good luck!

  4. Funny, my parents only buy me the absolute necessities. Or if I have grown out of all of my jeans. Which hasn't happened in a while. Otherwise I buy my own or make them. I also set limits. No more than ten for a pair of jeans and no more than five for a shirt. I don't think it's crazy to find clothes for a dollar, I rarely buy anything that isn't more than a couple of dollars. my money is from christmas and my birthday and it has to last all year long. I live in the country so going shopping is sort of rare. I am also going to try and not buy new clothes for a month. I do need some socks but my parents buy those. lol. I'm glad other girls do some of the same things I do.


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