Modest Fashion Show Collage! Pick your favorite!

Hey everyone! So the fashion show has ended! *sob* I thought it would be fun if all of you picked your favorites! My whole family will be helping me pick the top three, but we will deffinteley take your picks into consideration! So be VERY descriptive please, so I know for sure which your talking about! So here they are! (By the way, they're in no real order, just randomly put in where-ever they fit)
I couldn't quite fit this one on the screen: so here it is! sorry Samantha!


  1. three favorites are
    1.first collage, bottom let hand corner-white t, red and brown/black halter, jeans, black shoes-very fun and origanal.
    2.2nd callage right side-yellow cardiagan-or maybe it's a shirt? red shirt underneath, darkwash jean skirt, white shoes-very nice color sceme.
    3.first collage, second photo to the right on the bottom, grey jacket, black tie, brown shirt, jeans-lovely masculine incorporation, and yet, decidedly feminin shape, I don't think I could pull that off.

  2. I like the outfits that Ellie wore (she is the girl with red hair). =)

  3. My favorite three are Haylie Gregory (1st collage, second from the left, green shirt, white skirt, and super cute sandals ;D), the one right below her (yellow top and white skirt), and in the next collage, second from the right (the adorable grey/blue dress with leggings and flats)

  4. Also, first collage, row two, girl two in the white skirt and yellow tank top =]

  5. Second Collage.. picture five.. The girl in the grey dress, leggings and ballet flats!

  6. 1. I love the dress Ashley is wearing in the second collage!

    2. First collage, second row, second girl. The one in the white skirt and yellow top. Love it!

    3. All of Samantha's outfits! :O

    I don't know how you are going to choose Natasha! They are all so good!

  7. My favorites are top collage second picture on the left hand top. (White skirt, green shirt)
    All of Samantha's outfits are pretty and top collage second to last picture on right hand side, green skirt, blue shirt, and jacket.

    Thanks for doing this!!!


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