☂❀What I Wear-Summer Rain Showers❀☂

Hey everyone,

So lately the weather has been rather....dreary....But on the plus side, we're not getting snow! And the rain will help with the fires in the late Summer. I'd much rather have rain and snow, then smoke. When the California fires were going on (like two years ago I believe) the smoke was so bad, it gave me headaches and I'd lie around all day.

♰What I Wear♰
White skirt-Goodwill
Flip Flops -Vanity
Scarf -Vanity

I decided to go for more of a "laid back" look, with the tee shirt, but I think the white skirt totally makes the outfit.

Oh, and by the way, it was raining pretty hard, but for some reason it didn't show up in the picture! (just so you know I wasn't just standing in the sunshine with an umbrella! ☺

So, even though I'd rather be out and about, the rains not all bad. Plus, it makes for a great backdrop! : )
The trees are lush and green, and everything is so beautiful! The grass in my front yard almost looks fake!
Modestly yours,

I love how this one came out! The backdrops perfect! It looks kind of "amazon rainforest-ish"! (yes I just made that up)


  1. I love Areopostle and Vanity! They are two of my favorite stores, although I have lots of favorite stores. :) I love still love that you have a modest fashion blog. You might get tired of hearing that from me, but I really admire that you are stepping out and showing others that you can wear a really cute outfit (from awesome stores like Areo and Vanity :) and still dress modestly.


  2. Lovely photos :)

    I wear Australian probably wouldn't recognize them :) But the weather here is wintery..we are justa bout to head into Winter! I miss the sun already!!

    Anyways, lovely blog..I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.

    K xx

  3. It's okay to take photos with an umbrella even if it wasn't raining! In fact, I believe that umbrella was first created for sunshine. You might want to check up on that. I just knew the Chinese loved sporting the thing almost like an accessory!

    What's not okay is to have an umbrella open indoors. I kid :)

  4. Maggie:Thanks for the encouragement! I will never tire of people encouraging me! Thats what I need to hear! :) So thank you!

    Katherine:I'm so excited that someone all the way in Australia is reading my blog! (isn't the internet great?!) Thats crazy that its Winter there!

    A La Modest:
    LOL! Okay, thanks! :) I'm loving your blog by the way!


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