Fashion Observations From An Amature- The 80's Flashback

I've decided to do a few posts of "observations" in fashion. Believe me when I say "I'm no fashion expert!" and that I have no idea if my observations are correct, or just a bunch of rambelings!

But if you ask me, be aware that the following are on the rise:
I suppose they're going for a "fashion by the 2's?" LOL!
I've always heard that fashion recycles, but since I'm only 16, I've not yet experienced this for myself. But its so true!

                             I'll start out with the 80's:
Foofy, to the sky hair, metallic clothing, shoulder pads and
Princess Di. My sister and I have been watching 21 Jumpstreet, OH MY GOODNESS! We're totally repeating the 80's fashions!
Everything from aviatar glasses to fedoras and ripped jeans are back! Not to mention high waisted jeans.
My personal thoughts, leave the 80's where they are. YUCK!  Aviater glasses I can handle, I can even handle the high waisted jeans....but shoulder pads? Please don't bring them back!

As you can see from the color wheel I've created; neons, pastels, brights and neautrals are all "in" I could care less for yellow, but.....I've seen it alot.

Black, white and brown will always be "in", they're functional and lovely.

-How to be fashionable smart about the latest trends-
Don't go out right this minute and buy every neon colored thing you can find, take your time! Buy only things that will ride out the fashion trends ups and downs. Use this rule when buying; Am I going to wear this two months from now? Even if it isn't in style? If you answer "Yes!" Buy it, but otherwise, leave it for some other sucker! I'm not saying you should only wear black, but be careful about what you buy.

It doesn't matter what everyone else is wearing, you wear what you want to wear! You can make or break your outfit. Put a smile on your face, and even the most dull outfit becomes stunning. Wear your clothes with confidence, and don't let the world dictate to you who and what you should be.

The most important rules for dressing:

  1. Is my outfit modest?

  2. Do I love it?

  3. And the most important of all, does my outfit glorify God? Or me?

My advice to you; roll with the fashion punches. Don't get swept up in being "in" especially if it means wearing shoulder pads one day... : )> If I find any of you wearing shoulder pads tomorrow I'll scream! : )



  1. Very nice post :) I think people shouldn't get too caught up on "what's in". I never really did that blindly without thinking, or for the sake of following a trend unless if it's something that really looked nice (on me) in my opinion. Of course, following the modest standards! I like neon colors because I'm an artist at heart and is open to any color :)

    I liked your observation on the 2's! Although vintage is pretty hard to tell sometimes. i.e. platforms are reminiscent of both 70's and 90's. Platforms and 90's aren't my favorites much like how you don't like shoulder pads!

    PS-- Nice name change! I like it!

  2. Yes, the eighties are totally in again! But I'm glad we're not wearing everything they wore in the eighties. In my opinion, the eighties were a fashion crash in history. Ever seen the Cosby Show? Yeah...yikes. When we did Fashion Icons week at our blog, I left the 80s-90s fashion icon up to another staff writer because I couldn't get into that era's fashion. 50s, 60s, and 70s I can do, but not 80s or 90s!

  3. haha you do not know what you just did to me! The worst thing you could have said...I totally have to wear shoulder pads tomorrow....if I do will you video tape your response?
    haha just kidding:) I'm even sure what I'll be wearing tomorrow.

  4. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very interesting post. :) Lot's of fashion trends are coming back and one of the most exciting things is that modest clothes are getting in stlye, such as long shorts. It used to be such a pain to find modest shorts, but now they are everywhere! I love that you have a blog about modesty, that is SO neat. :) I can't wait for future posts.

    I am following you, I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


  6. OK, so this is actually Valary-Mac from www.whoseakid blogspot, but my computer is wack-O, and won't let me comment, so aparently I'm "anonymous".
    The 80's are the Big trend right now. But most anything is actually "in". I could wear 20 different styles of clothing from any fairly recent time period and they would all be "in". It really is an "everything goes" culture isnt it?
    I really really appreciate your three criteria for an outfit. Especially #3. I would say most "Christian modesty bloggers" just go by the "is it modest and cute" standard. But an outfit can be both of those and still point others to yourself more than God.
    Keep it up Natasha!!! God bless, and your not alone in your convictions.
    Sincerely a sister in Christ,
    Valary-Mac (blog name) <><


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