Blog name change? Share your opinion!

So, I've wanted to do it for awhile and now is the time!
I'm changing my blog name!

Please share your opinions with me, I'd love to hear if you have any name ideas!

Here are some names I've come up with so far-

Highlander Fashion/ Highland Fashion
Natasha Atkerson
Modestly Yours
 What are you waiting for? Leave your opinion!


  1. I like "what are you waiting for? leave you opinion," haha just kidding.
    Modestly your is good:)

  2. i LOOOOOVE your blog-name - why do you want to change it? if I HADDDD to pick, I'd say "Modestly yours" but i like your name.

  3. Modestly Yours is the best one. Highlander Fashion/ Highland Fashion sounds too much like a clothing company.

  4. I like Modestly Yours!

    Are you on I am tring to remember where or how I found out about your blog but I cant remember!! ugggg......


  5. Hey! Well, if you're going to stick with your name, then that means you are going to talk about a wide variety of things. If you're going for "Modestly Yours", you have to mostly talk about modesty (not always necessarily). Whatever floats your boat :) Both sound great!

    PS-- RSJames is pretty sweet.


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