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Hey everyone! So I'm trying to figure it out, my outfits are...missing something! I think the necklaces helped, but I'm still working on it! I'm really excited, today I got some super cute skirts, and a couple shirts for dirt cheap! So hopefully I can get some decent outfits out of it!  I think part of my problem is that its Summer, I don't have many Summer outfits, mostly Winter (you know, I live in Montana what can you expect?)  So I'm working on my outfits.    The weather has taken a down turn (a little colder) about -50's. But my family and I have been heading out as many nights as possible to walk on our road. You'll probably think I'm nuts, but I actually like excercising! The road we go on, its probably a mile or two walk. So thats pretty good. Its uphill most of the way, and we weeze a bit, but thats ok! I bring this up, because I'm thinking of posting a "What I Wear on walks" What do you think?         See the skirt I'm wearing? Well, it used to be about 10 times bigger, but I downsized it to fit me, and I really love how it came out!

-What I Wear-
Skirt-Re-purposed Goodwill
Flip Flops-Vanity 

QUESTION: Is there a particiular post you enjoy more than the rest?


  1. Natasha,

    I love your outfit, how cute! My favorite posts are the ones where you post what you wear. I love seeing other girls outfits. :)


  2. I like your fashion observation post!

  3. You have such cool accessories :) I like how you layered them!

  4. I really love the shirt!



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