What I Wear-Black And White With A Punch Of Pink

Hey Everyone! I wore this yesterday, so I'm running a day behind! But thats ok! At least I got it posted! Right? Its been slowly getting warmer each day, and by Monday, its supposed to be in the 70's! Woohoo! Anways, This is one of the items I bought at a Thrift store. For some reason, it reminds me of the 30's. You know....flappers, drop waist dress, but I'm not sure about the stripes....hmmm. I added the white skirt because The striped shirt/dress was a bit too short by itself.                                                          I'm extremley grateful that stringy, greasy hair didn't show up in this photo! I made the mistake of putting some coconut oil on my hands (as a mositurizer) and then went to go take a shower....COCONUT OIL AND MY HAIR DO NOT MIX! LOL! Yeah, it was pretty disgusting looking!
-What I Wear-
Striped Shirt-Thrift store $2!
White cami-Vanity
White Skirt-Goodwill
Necklaces-???Various places.



  1. Cute outfit, Natasha!

    I shop only retail stores. Never did well at thrift shops. =)

    I want it.

    do I shop at thrift stores????

    Better question, do I NOT shop at thrift stores??

    I can't live without them!!

    God bless Natasha!

  3. Oh.. I shop more at retials then thrift.. Momma doesnt care for thrift sores.. weirdo

  4. Love the outfit. You are lucky, it is already in the 100's where I live!

  5. I don't like coconut oils texture...espesially when eating it eww:/
    I shop at thrift stores:)
    Whats this I hear about a fashion show? Also, how do I put banners in my sidedar.....?

  6. Very nice outfit!! I love the spalsh of pink!

    In Christ Alone,

  7. I love this outfit... It all goes so well together. I love wearing those colours together and your necklaces are so pretty!

    I've only been to a thrift store once... I'm just not very familiar with the thrift stores in my area, and my mom's not a fan of them. (Too much work to look through everything!)

    I have super thick hair, so if I use coconut oil and rinse it out carefully, it turns out alright But usually it stays away from my hair. xD

  8. Neat layout change on the blog! I like how you layered your necklaces here, too :)

  9. Great outfit! I love black, white, and pink together. =)

    Haha, your coconut oil story sounds like something that happened to me. I read somewhere that putting lavendar essential oil in your hair will make it soft and shiny. Well, I got a little too much, and not only was my hair EXTREMELY oily, but I smelled strongly like a lavendar bush!! =D

  10. Ilove the stripe pattern of your outfit and the pink cardi is a fun pop out color. Cute outfit. On you question, yes I thrift and about 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted,I love vintage and the only place I can find it at affordable prices is at thrift stores.


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