What I Wear- Modest Fashion Week Day 3!

Hey everyone! So one of my readers Samantha is hosting a Modest Fashion Week! I'm afraid I missed the 2nd day, but I got this one on today! Please excuse the messy hair, we just got back home, and I had things to do inside, so we rushed the picture. So what you see is what you get! LOL! It was 94 degrees yesterday, and today its been raining like crazy! The creek bed is just about overflowing!

-What I Wear-
Blue Shirt-JcPenney's
Green Tank-Vanity
Brown Tank-Vanity
Pink Shrug-Herbergers
Leather Jacket-Wal Mart
Flip Flops-vanity


  1. I really like your skirt! :-)

  2. First of all, I love Vanity! One of my best friends sister worked their and dressed the manakins (sp?) so we always copied the outfits off of the manakin because she has really good taste! :)

    Your hair isn't messed up! You should have seen mine after going out in the rain and wind for senior send off at was curly! lol!

    I love your outfit! It's too cute!


  3. Just included my name on your show list :) Nice layering of necklaces again!!


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