What I Wear-Modest Fashion Week Day 4

Hey everyone! Today is the fourth day of Modest Fashion Week Over at Samantha's blog! Today I decided that I DO NOT like red on me! I ended up taking the red shirt off, and just wearing the brown shirt...oh well! I'm hoping to go thrift store shopping at a local "no name store" its seems as thought Goodwill has gotten too big for their britches! Shirts that used to be $1.99 are now $3.99 and up! I'm sorry, but I'd rather get a new pair of "sale" jeans for $7.99! To me this seems ridiculous! Its used, its been worn out and possibly only has a year in it. Why pay that much? I find that most "no name" thrift stores (I.E local) are cheaper. Probably because they are selling their merchandise online hmmm..... So I have a question for all of you, can you pick one item from my posts that's more flattering than the rest? I'm trying to get my pictures more professional but unfortunately they actually came out worse....yikes! I do like the top photo, the rest are "okay". Any tips for the camera? Any help would be appreciated!
-What I Wear-
Brown shirt-Vanity
flip flops-Vanity



  1. I agree.... Some thrift stores have caught on to this new thrifting trend and have upped their prices. So lame! you have to find those thrift stores that do %-off sales on certin days.

    Enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. Thirft stores are coming back!! LOL!
    BTW~ Layering is also!! AMEN!!!

    Very cute darling!!

  3. hi this contest sounds like a ton o fun! i would like to take part in it. ill have to look in my closet to get some ideas first! i will be gone for several of those days..but i can have the posts post automatically. is that still ok?


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