What I Wear- Sparkle, Sparkle Shine!

Hey everyone! So today's title might seem odd, but it's what came to mind when I put the pictures up! So thus, it is deemed the "Sparkle, Sparkle, Shine!" Outfit! (Yes, we all know I'm weird, there is no reason to say it!) I feel oddly awkward in sleeveless shirt, even though I don't believe they are actually "im-modest" per-say.  I just feel bare for some reason... hmmm. Today's weather is absolutely gorgeous! A light breeze, and sun! Perfect! I'm having a very hard time posing, so this is what you get! Seriously, I'm totally obsessed with this white skirt! It fits perfectly, and its a functional color!
-What I Wear-
Brown Shirt-Vanity
Pink sparkle shirt-Herbegers
White Skirt-Goodwill
Flip Flops-Vanity

Leave a comment! You know I love 'em!
Who's excited about the fashion show?! ME! ME!


  1. These photos with the big stone structer thingy are great. ME TOO! ME TOO!

    Thanks so much for the advice:)

  2. I know what you mean about sleeveless shirts... and I love your pink sparkle shirt.
    I'm excited about the fashion show too :) :)

  3. Very cute outfit. Love the flip flops because I am a flip flop girl. :)



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