Interviews with Miss Raquel and Miss Emily

Name: Miss Raquel

Age: I like to keep my age unknown online...sorry :)
Blog: God's Daughter (

Interests/Hobbies: oh goodness! Let's see...Well, when you don’t find me
cooking, cleaning, milking goats, or taking care of my younger siblings,
you can find me doing other things that I enjoy, such as: reading,
writing, singing, dancing, crocheting or knitting, doing beadwork, riding
horses, reenacting (Civil War), spending time with friends, and/or
blogging. My three favorite places to be are: outside/the barn, the
kitchen, and my room. :)

Short Bio:
(Please check out the bio page if you wish to know more about Miss Raquel)

Where did you find out about my fashion show?
You left a comment on my blog, letting me know! :D Yay! So glad you did!

If you could pick one person who influenced you in modesty, who would it be?
ONE person? Hmm...can I just name a few? ;) My bosom friend, Danielle H.
(, the Riddell Ladies
(, the Craig Ladies, the Duggar Ladies,
the McDonald Ladies, Leslie Ludy, the Botkin sisters, Jasmine Baucham,
Miss Jenny (, oh goodness, and many more!

Why is modesty important to you?
Modesty is important to me because I believe the way we dress reflects
EVERYTHING about our character and what we stand for. I want to be a
modest, pure young woman who reflects ONLY the love that God has for me
and show the world that I stand for my LORD - as His daughter.

If you could tell every girl in the world one thing, what would it be?
First of all - follow God. It is the most rewarding path to take. No,
it's not easy - every bed of roses has a thorn in it! :) But it is,
nonetheless, the best. Second - don't back down from your faith in Him.
Stand for what you believe and show the world that He is the only way.
Third - He has a plan for your life. He didn't put you on this earth for
no reason. Believe in Him, trust Him, and He will show you the way.

Given the choice between wearing a skirt, or jeans, which would you pick? really depends on what mood I'm in. ;)

Can you tell people a little something about your blog?
Well, you can find tons of stuff on it! happenings,
giveaways, fashion event photos ;), TONS of pics!, links to fun
websites/blogs, etc., etc. You really should stop by! :)

Anything else you would like to add?
I feel just SO honored to have been a part of this event and to be chosen
as the #1 winner! Wow; I still can't believe it! :) Thank you so much
for interview me too, Natasha.

Name: Miss Emily

Age: 20

Blog: I don't have a blog, but my sister has one for our family, Simple Delights

Interests/Hobbies: Piano ( both playing and teaching), Sign language, health/nutrition, reading , finding great deals on modest fashion.

Short Bio: I am the oldest in my family ( have a younger sister and brother). I was homeschooled from preschool through high school.
Now that I've been a graduate for a couple years, I'm pursuing several avenues of business/ministry opportunities in my areas of interest.
I teach Piano lessons and am hoping to pursue classes in American Sign Language this fall.

Where did you find out about my fashion show? My sister Samantha was already participating in the event, so she told me about it.
If you could pick one person who influenced you in modesty, who would it be? For me, It's not been one person in particular. I have been so encouraged through the years by friends, Christian bloggers and writers as I strive for modesty in what I wear.
Why is modesty important to you? I feel that modesty allows you to be known by who you are as a person, your character, your faith in the Lord, instead of what you have on. In short, people are drawn to you, become friends with you, because of who you truly are. Clothing can send all kinds of messages- make sure you're sending the right one.

If you could tell every girl in the world one thing, what would it be? You are so precious in the sight of God. He created you in His image!

Don't let the world lie to you when it comes to beauty-true beauty come from inside.

Given the choice between wearing a skirt, or jeans, which would you pick? Hmm..tough question. In the past I've been skirts only, in the last few years I've worn a mixture of both. I think now that I've started wearing both, I'd have to say I like each - for different reasons. When I'm doing something active, I appreciate a pair of not-too-tight pants. I'm finding myself gaining new appreciation of skirts, because I think they display such a beautiful femininity to the world, also because it's hard to find pants that aren't too tight( My best bet seems to be jeans carried by Old Navy and Gap).

Can you tell people a little something about your blog? Simple Delights is a mixture of photography, modest fashion and the various happening in the Hartzell household.

Anything else you would like to add? You don't have to spend a lot to be modest and fashionable. One of the ways I stretch my wardrobe dollars is to buy necklaces, earrings, scarves and hats, instead of buying a whole new outfit. Shop your closet and put different pieces of clothing together in different ways. You'd be surprised how many different looking outfits you can make with the same pair of jeans or skirt and t-shirt, simply by switching out a necklace for a scarf, flats for sandals and adding a hat.

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  1. Aw, that was so much fun to do, Natasha! Thank you for the privilege.
    Blessings, dear! And again, thank you so much for doing this event!

    ~Miss Raquel


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