Stop The Madness: Firewood Alley

Hey everyone! As the post title implies: we are mad! My Dad decided he was going to get the Winter wood in this weekend! This is two days worth of cutting, chopping and gathering!
And NO! We are not for hire! LOL! Yep, just call me lumber Jack Tasha.....yuck...
There is a scary thought! We did the firewood in 90 degree weather on Sat. and convinced my Dad to do the wood in cooler weather...only 80 deg. We loaded things up 15 minutes! Of course, my arms, neck and back are killing me! Oh yeah, no comments on the outfit! I'm sharing these for fun, and for family...not fashion! : ) And yes, I wore it! LOL!
The "Feminine Lumber Jack"
The pile of wood....
And another picture....
And "YES!" I'm tired for some reason these posts are getting put up later and later!...................................................*yawn*........*eyes droop*....*snoring*.........


  1. Hey Lumber Jack Tasha! lol

    Woah. That is a ton of firewood!

  2. Wow!! That is SO much firewood! Do you have a wood burning fireplace? I'd love to have a wood burning fireplace because it smells so good in the winter. =)



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