What I Wear- Casual

Hey everyone! Today my other sister joined me! You can see her outfit below at the bottom of the post. I recently ordered online from Pasun, they were having some very good sales! I got most of the shirts for under $5! So I was very excited! 
I have some very exciting news! I will be writing and helping out with the new Inspire online magazine! Which should be a fun experience. 
I had to pair this shirt with a white tank top, just because it is too sheer to wear by itself.

I got this super cute necklace (attached to a white tank top) and I love it! I've been thinking, I've seen some people online wearing necklaces like these (they're called bibs!) only they have silk flowers on them!

What I Wear-
Necklace-Pac Sun
Shirt-Pac Sun
Skirt- Thrift Shop
Shoes- Payless


What I Wear-
Shirt- Maurices


  1. Cute outfit, sweet friends! Thansk for including some thing about Inspired. I am so excited about the magazine. :)


  2. Cool! I'm a photographer for Inspire, too!

  3. Hi Natasha,
    I've just stumbled on your blog a little while ago. I'm really enjoying it, there are some really good ideas and tips on here!
    I just wanted to say that, while overall I like this outfit, that fox face on your chest draws a lot of attention to the wrong spot.
    Thanks for the blog!!


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