What I Wear- Heat Of The Day Drags Me Down

Hey everyone! Well, I had the opportunity to for a photo shoot this evening. The river-as you can see behind us- is still roaring.
I'm wearing my "Anne" skirt again. I think it might become another white skirt for me! I've never actually owned anything khaki colored before! I think I might have had a pair of pants. But anyways...yep...Its 10:30 and my brain ain't workin too good. LOL! But I had time, so I thought I'd get these up before I forgot!
What I Wear-
Skirt-Thrift Shop
Flip Flops-Old Navy

This is a photo of the "grandkids" with the Granparents! I honestly would like to know how my LITTLE sister is catching up with me!? Please explain!And the family:


  1. Hey! In response to the Q on my blog.. you can start the challenge anytime you'd like to! I'm starting on Monday! :)

  2. Great pics! I love the horse t-shirt :D

  3. I love the khaki skirt. I hope you wear it more!

  4. I love the khaki skirt!! I hope to see more pics of you in it!


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