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Stop The Madness! We must put our foot down! The goverment needs to step in and FIX THIS!


  1. I seriously hope your talking about the church government and not the American government. It is not the governments resposibility.
    Also, God is the only one who can put it on two peoples hearts to marry eachother. Of course any two christians should be able to make a marriage work if they follow God's word.

  2. GOTCHA! If your wondering why I posted this, go down to the bottom of the no girl left behind page and look at the teeny tiny print!
    Then leave a comment! LOL! :)

  3. Ooooh gags, jokes haha I was beginning to think that as I read the rest of the article (I only read the first page yesterday)
    umm so do they think this is a joke too? 'cause if not, America might develop some new problems.
    haha major blond moment on my part! Maybe I take the government way to seriously-maybe that a good thing though, I don't know:)

  4. Hahaha, I was like "WHAT in the WORLD?!" Then I saw your comment.. I had to hunt for the teeny tiny print, but I did laugh when I saw it :)


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