AOGG Fashion Week- Day 4! Modern Anne Of Green Gables and Hair tutorial!

Hey all,
I finally got up the courage to do a hair tutorial today! It took me three tries (with the bathroom door closed!) to do this! I know its rough, and I did a few mistakes-but it is my first one! So be patient! I did discover it helps to pull a sister in the bathroom with you to be your audience (instead of talking to the mirror! LOL!) so that was helpful. So you can check that out in my next post!

I've been kicking myself all week for not having something ready for this earlier! But none the less, here it is! I am so excited about this skirt! Its so 40's/20's ! So cute! I was almost freaking out when I found it yesterday! It appears brown in these photos, but its a Khaki color.
The skirt and me story went like this:
flipping through the dozens of skirts, my eyes gaze upon a khaki colored skirt...that's knee length..and has super cute buttons down the front! *screams* I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

Okay, maybe it didn't go quite that way! But something like that! *smile*

I found a ton of stuff yesterday! It was awesome!

I had two photographers today, so that was interesting!



  1. I love this outfit! And it looks great on you. =]

  2. Wow what a cute skirt! Love it! :)

  3. That is a cute skirt, great find! Looking forward to the hair tutorial!

    As to your question, I might, but if they're your old clothes they wouldn't fit all (they'd be too small).

  4. BTW, I mentioned your blog in a post on my main blog:


  5. i probably wouldn't - just for size matters -
    TOTALLY love the outfit :)

  6. Love this look! haha it actually reminds me of something I would wear:)

    nope, I'm a tight wad and ordering off the internet is only for emergencies.

  7. I love your skirt, Natasha! Your whole outfit is so cute though! =)



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