"Shout It!" Modest Online Fashion Show Day: 2

Hey everyone! Today's the second day of the fashion show! I've really enjoyed looking at all your outfits! I'm so encouraged by the fact that 18 girls out there are trying to dress in a modest fashionable way! I know God is looking down and smiling on you girls! And think about the countless other modest fashion blogs there are! I believe modesty is on the rise! I know that people say the fashion industry dictates what we wear, and whats "fashionable". But I don't believe that's true! WE make things fashionable! WE buy the clothes! WE choose to dress modestly, or not. In case you didn't know it, layering came and went last Summer, we were still wearing, and now its back! Hmm...funny! I have to say that this dress was the best buy I've ever made! It was on sale for-get this!- $2.99!!!!! At that price, you can wear it twice and donate it to a thrift store! (Okay, maybe not!) But anyways, I love it! As always, I love your guy's input. If you have a suggestion for any outfit, or a comment (you know I love 'em!) Please say so! Your comments are what I gauge how popular something is, if you comment more on the "modest-fied" articles, I write more of them! So leave comments on posts you like!
I hope your all having fun this week!

-What I Wear-
Dress- $2.99!!! Kmart
Belt- Maurice's
Flip Flops-Vanity
Necklaces-various places



  1. Love your hair! I like the print of the dress and the color,I have always wanted to wear purple but no luck yet, great belt!

  2. What a FUN dress, Natasha!! I LOVE the black and purple together!
    Your hair is really pretty loose! ;)

    ~Miss Raquel

  3. What a great dress and I love the price tag! The dress looks so chic paired with that belt;) You look great!


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