"Shout It!" Modest Online Fashion Show Day: 5 !

Oh my goodness! This fashion show has gone incredibly fast! You girls have been awesome! I'm awed and amazed by your incredible sense of modest fashion! I loved each and every one of your "Independence Day" fashion exhibits! I wasn't able to get my outfit on till after the fireworks, but thats okay!

Oh yeah spread the word, if someone still wants to enter, they can enter ALL 7 DAYS IF THEY LIKE! All they have to do is enter they're link in any given day! But time IS limited! So make sure they do it soon!

Okay, yes! Totally guilty! I have a Starbucks drink in my hand! Don't look at me that way!

-What I Wear-
Blue tank-Wal Mart
Red Shirt- JcPenney
Black shrug-??
White Skirt-Goodwill
Necklaces- $tore
Flip Flops-Mom's


  1. Mmm Starbucks! Now I'm craving one! :) hehe. LOVE your sunglasses and your outfit is very beautiful!

  2. I love that you're doing a Modesty fashion show, I think that's very cool. As a "non-modest" girl, do you have any posts on your modest fashion? Would love to read~ that's part of the reason I blog, to read about people with different views than me! Cool post :)


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