Hello everyone, I was tagged by my reader: Allison Thanks Allison!
Here are the questions and rules:
Rules: Answer the questions, then make up 10 of your own and tag (insert number) of people.


1. When is your half birthday? (You know, when you turn _____ and a 1/2 years old)
Middle of December.

2. Have you ever traveled overseas?
Nope, although for some reason I've always wanted to go to Autstrailia (I'm not even sure why!)

3. How many pets do you own?
1 (A dog)

4. Do you like sour skittles?
Oh yeah! Gotta love sour stuff! My favorite kind of sour are the kind that make your eyes water!

5. What do you think of the movies/books "Twilight"?
Umm.....I plead the fifth? Lets just say a nice way to say my opinion would be "Loath it!"

6. Before this post, when was the last time you posted on your blog?
3 days ago.
7. How many friends do you have?
That depends on your definition of "Friends"

8. What type of church do you go to, if any?
I go to a Christian non-denominationl church.

9. What is your favorite song?
Lets see... I think two: For those who wait-Fireflight or Anchor-Sattelites and Sirens.

10. Do you play any musical instruments?
I play acoustic and bass guitar and I'm learning piano.
I Tag:
Anyone who comments on this post!
My Questions for you:
1. How many siblings do you have?
2. Dark or milk chocolate?
3. Favorite ice cream?
4.Favorite piece of clothing?
5. Skirt or jeans?
6. White or black?
7. Given the choice would you rather be stranded in Hawaii or Alaska?
8. If you could only take one item with you in a fire what would it be?
9. Favorite color?
10. Whos your best friend?


  1. I accidentally stumbled across your blog and I love your pictures!! I would like to invite you to join Feminine Fridays over at my blog sometimes. Be Blessed.

  2. I second the loathing for Twilight! :) I am trying to learn piano, too. My husband used to be a piano teacher. It's very cool that you play acoustic and bass.

  3. I think I would love to get tagged!! Let's see if I post soon about it.....

  4. haha love your answer to the Twilight question. :) 100% agree!


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