What I Wear-Flower Blues

Hey everyone! Well I had two photographers today! Hopefully they look better! I think the color is much better today. Unfortunately, they still had me as the subject! ; ) I'm working on posing and backgrounds and all that.

The shoes I wore today are a Payless find. They were having their BOGO sale, and I got these shoes for $6.75! A steal! I teased my mom that I payed retail for them ($22.99) she didn't go for it.... : ) Oh well!

I fell in love with these shoes because they're totally 40's/30's yet they don't have a high heel! They're only about an 1" tall! I don't like wearing anything over 1" 1/2 because I don't like to tower over everyone (I'm 5"8) and also, they get really uncomfortable! No gain without pain? I'll stick with my inch heel!

I took your advice, the background is changed to white, I took the photos in as good a light as I could get (its pretty cloudy today) And I took close up photos of my shoes and necklace!



  1. very pretty! I really like the shoes too! Payless DOES have some great deals! =D

  2. Very, very gorgeous! I love it, the blue looks so prety on you!

    K xx

  3. Blue is a great color on you! And I do LOVE those shoes!

    If you want my advice, just as far as blog/posting layout goes, I would choose just my top favorite photos to post - it makes it easier to quickly view without taking as long for the page to load! And it gives the reader an opportunity to scroll down the page and not get distracted because of seeing too many of the same thing...

    Just trying to think of something since you asked! But great posting jobs! Sometimes its hard to get pictures all the time of so many outfits, you do a really good job of keeping things posted!


  4. What a steal indeed! Thanks for pointing the skirt length! I really do appreciate it. I actually noticed that myself when I was looking at the final result of the photos. That is why I cut a lot of the leg part out and left only one pic up with a full body shot (just to give people an idea of what it looked like as a whole) :) The dress didn't seem that short when I was wearing it (just above the knee). Somehow the combination of the way I was standing, the bunched up material on my every growing belly, and the angle of the camera made it seem shorter than it is!

    We Christian ladies need to somehow watch out for each other! Thanks for doing that.

    Liking the necklace as always :)


  5. I love it! The silver accessories with the blue is really nice, and white looks great with anything! I follow your blog and love it :)

  6. Inspired magazine is back up and running! Stop by my blog to learn more. I am still trying to pull stuff together for the regrand opening, but we would love to have you join the staff once again.


  7. I'm tagging you at my blog!

    I also sent you a formspring message. :)


  8. Very pretty outfit. You have great fashion sense!


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