✞What I Wear- Casual Modest Outfit (Autumn Fashion Showcase Day 5)✞

Hello everyone! This week has been so super busy for me its not even funny!
I apologize for not getting more outfit posts up, but I barely had time to breathe! We had family at our house Mon-Wed, and my mom had a tooth out Monday as well. Then we had our weekly marriage class at our church yesterday. My sister and I are watching the kids so the adults don't have to worry about them. We have company coming over for dinner and a music night Friday and of course church on Sunday! So I've pretty much hit the "I'm so tired I can't sleep wall" and I'm a zombie sitting at the computer!
Anyways, enough of the wining!

Someones asked that I put the prices of all the items I'm wearing, so I've been guesstimating them and posting it. Today's outfit is pretty cheap!
 What I Wear-
Jacket-Goodwill $3.99
Striped Shirt- Wal Mart $1
Skirt- Maurices Gift
Flip Flops- Oldnavy $1
Necklace-JcPenneys $12
Flower barrette- Claires $4

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  1. Love this outfit Natasha!! I really like that skirt a lot. :)


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