What I Wear- Modest Fashion Events Galore!

Hey everyone! Today is day 2 of Maries Modest Fashion Event! There is still time to join too! So hurry over to her blog and enter! She has some lovely things you can win if you are chosen!
It is also day 4 at the Mod Style Lounge! Also (last one!) Ashley is having a fashion show the 10th of this month! So you have no excuse not to sign up for at least one! And in case you've forgotten, Feminine Fashion Week (Here) Starts January 1st. Please be sure to sign up (above) you'll be signed up for the fashion show, and also receive email updates!

I had quite the week! We've had what seems like endless dentist and chiropractor appointments for a few months now. I'm done with the dentist for now (clean bill of teeth! LOL!) Went to a Superchick/Manafest/Me In Motion/Bread Of Stone concert! Which was fun, but in case your wondering Manafest stinks live! Avalanche song on the radio is horrific in concert! He kind of sounded like a ten year old trying to sing it, and a little off tune! But the rest were pretty good! I have a few photos at the bottom of this post of the concert.

What I Wear-
Shirt- Pac Sun $5
Skirt-Ross $7
Rose/Pearl Necklace-Vanity (gift)
Pearls-Payless $2


  1. Ohh i like your skirt! It's really pretty. The pearls are so pretty also.

  2. Superchick is cool :) Sorry to hear about the dentist and chiro appointments... those are NOT cool.

    I'll have to send you the interview probably by the end of this week? I'm working on it piece by piece!!

  3. I have a skirt just like that and it is super comfy! I love all the necklaces,great outfit!

  4. Your outfit looks great. Glad I'm not the only wearing a skirt. :)


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