What I Wear- "How To Convert Summer Clothes Into Fall Clothes"

Hey everyone! Today's outfit "How To Convert Summer Clothes Into Fall Clothes" is just that! After Summer comes Fall, which usually consists of clothing frustrations! All your cute Summer clothes must be put into a box to gather dust till its warm enough. Or do they? I don't think so! Right now I have both Summer and Winter clothing in my closet; thanks to layering! All you need is a long sleeve shirt that fits you well in the arms and upper chest area and you have a layering shirt! The one I'm wearing here is actually a cast off of my little sisters. Its waaaayyyy too tight to wear by itself, but the sleeves fit me perfectly! And because its so tight, there isn't any bunching going on! So I actually recommend wearing a tight shirt (in this case of course!). 

What I Wear- 
Green Ruched Sleeve Shirt- Maurices
Striped Shirt-HMD 
White Skirt- Goodwill
Black Leggings- Target
Brown Boots- Maurices
Black Belt-Maurices
Pearl Necklaces -Payless and Vanity
Aviator Glasses- Payless

How Do You Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall?


  1. Hmmm good idea. I usually just whip out the sweaters, knee high socks and tights. Then if its really cold I put my wool coat on top. Now I got a question for you. I have a new blog specifically for girls our age who want to become christian wives and homemakers. Would you like to join in or contribute? Lemme know!

  2. Love the layering and that striped top!

  3. I love layering too... I need to get better at it, though. I think I need some more layering shirts. Yes, I would love to be added to your modest blog listing - thanks!! And thank you for your nice comments and suggestions on my blog!

    Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog

  4. I like the outfit.. cant wait till i get my closet going.. hehe..
    Great post as always..
    Dont forget to stop by my Blog for a Giveaway!

  5. CUTE! I really like that outfit! :)
    I like your slouch boots as well, and I have a question about them...what can you wear slouch boots with? Like, is there anything that looks really bad? I like to wear skirts, what type of skirts would they look good with? (my slouch boots are tall, black ones.)

  6. Grace:
    Great question! I'll adress it in my next post, so check back soon!

  7. It was awesome to come across your blog...I'm a clothing designer, who plans on opening and Etsy store full of clothing from a modest point of view and when I saw your blog, I was encouraged to think that maybe, someday, you might consider wearing my clothes! I stand beside you on your stance for modest dress, and I think you look amazing doing it. =)
    Kristina J.

  8. I love this outfit! Rushed sleeves with striped shirt? Yes please!


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