Magazines I Write For, Please Check Them Out!

Hello ladies!
I've been meaning to post about the magazine I write for, but never got around to it!
But now I have a second magazine I'll be writing for! Jessica (from Girlz 4 Christ) emailed me and asked me to help write the magazine! I'm very excited to see where both these magazines will go. You never know when what starts as a small magazine could turn into an amazing ministry for God!

I'm currently a regular columnist for both these ladies' magazines. I write themed articles for Raquel's Visions Of Virtue Magazine, and have been writing for (I believe) two issues. So I haven't been doing this long. I hope to grow my writing abilities, while at the same time supporting ministries I believe in.

Visions Of Virtue Magazine-
This is an actual printed magazine, and I would love if all of you were to subscribe to it! Its a very reasonable price-$12 for 6 issues. Be sure to let Raquel know I sent you! (Since I haven't been the best for PR..*clears throat)

And the new magazine I will be writing for next year! (I know that sounds like a long time away, but really it isn't!)
Girlz 4 Christ Magazine
You can subscribe for free, or if you feel led- a $5 donation.

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