What I Wear- Grey Striped Cardigan And Trendy Ross Dress

Hello my lovely followers! I want to thank all of you for taking my survey on the last post-which you can still take if you like! The survey gave me some insight into what all of you think of my blog. I'm very happy and excited that all of you like the blog, and are such avid readers! I do try to put together well thought out posts, but they don't always come out well! Your constant encouragement-through comments and taking the survey-is what keeps this blog going!
It was *snicker* 'warm enough' to take pictures outside today! I think the outdoor photos come out much better than indoor. I'm working on the poses still! I'm taking cues from my favorite fashion blogs.
What I Wear-
Striped Grey Cardigan-Thrifted Old Navy
Purple Dress- Ross
Black Demure- BUY HERE
Leggings- Target
Boots- Emu

Question:Whats Your Favorite Blog To Visit?
My favorite is she and I share many of the same beliefs, and I've found very little blogs that promote modesty through outfit posts (that aren't LDS) and are still cute, and share my Christianity!


  1. I love cardigans, ALL things PURPLE, and those boots of yours are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, Natasha! As far as fashion blogs go, that are in-tune with my belief of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour or ones that are simply 'clean'...

    I like to visit these sites:
    Anneliese (my aussie blogger friend) at

    Kristina J at

    Amanda Beth at (You already know her though! lol)

    Marie at

    Jessica at

    I hope that just maybe some of these fashion/life blogs will be new to you. And of course you go right ahead and mentally add your lovely little blog to my list of fashion blogs to visit as well because I love your blog too! =)

    Many blessings to you,

  2. Love that deep plum color on you! and it looks so good with the grey accents.

  3. You look cuddly and warm, but still cute! Is that a summery dress? I've seen a lot of summery dresses in the winter these days with jackets over them. I'm loving the look.

  4. You are too sweet! Thanks for citing me! Yes, we do share many of the same beliefs. Modesty is all about living it out and having it in your heart---more than just what your culture or church tells you to do. I wish our culture and church teaches us this actually, but that doesn't really happen sadly.

    Anyway, glad the survey helped! I love Ross! I get a lot of my clothes there. I like your second photo here the best because you smiled :) Although I tend to smile a lot, the smiley pictures don't end up on the blog because they turn out weird often.

  5. I have a blog about modest fashion. Not sure if you will like it or not, it might be too conservative for you, but it is Christian. Take a look if you feel like it.


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