What I Wear- Kosher Casual Skirt!

I'm very honored to be reviewing Kosher Casual's fold over waist skirt! I'm not doing a sell job on you here, it really is quite comfortable! I can honestly say it will become a favorite skirt for me! With a flattering cut, comfy fabric (a combination of like excercise pants and slinky fabric), how can you go wrong? I love the length (just a few inches below the knee) and of course the color-I'm a sucker for black! In addition to the lovely skirt I received another surprise-the packege came from Israel! The labels were in another language! So cool for me, as it was like getting a little piece of culture from across the world. The funny things is, by the dates on the packege, it took less time to get from Israel to Montana, than it does to ship from Montana to Florida! Yep...pretty sad!

What I Wear-
Pink Cardigan- Vanity $2
Green Lace Tank top-Vanity $5
Miss Samantha Demure- $5 At My Boutique
Purple Shirt- Herbergers $3.99
Kosher Casual Skirt- Courtesy Of Kosher Casual
Boots- Emu Gift
Purse- Vanity $5
Jewlery-Claires, Payless

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  1. oooo! I love that outfit!

    Just became a follower of your blog...FINALLY. Been reading for quite awhile already :)


    here's my blog:

  2. what a great skirt and it looks like it's a basic that will last for years. Love your necklaces!

  3. That is sad! It shows dedication on their part to ship quickly! I haven't gotten anything from Kosher Casual, but I do need a flowy black skirt with that length! I just answered your survey--I would be in the last age group category. Ugh.

  4. I love your boots and the skirt looks really comfortable!!
    p.s. Check out our Christmas giveaway:

  5. Hey Natasha.. I just did a post on my blog about your modest fashion week coming up! Just thought I'd let ya know. :) I am looking forward to it and can't wait to join in! Hope you have a great week. :) Marie


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