What I Wear- Please Excuse The Greasy Hair...

Hey everyone! Please take pity on me, and don't comment on my greasy hair and bad colored photos! I should have taken the photos earlier today, but obviously I didn't! But I took them, okay?! I'm oh so excited about my black pea coat I got for Christmas! Mom and Dad, ya did good! It fits perfectly, and honestly its just as warm as my 'winter coat'. Wool seems to be similar to down coats, in that they seem to block the cold out, almost like a wall or something.

Aren't my pictures lovely? Ha!Ha! I'm joking! Photos didn't go so good....too much holidays for me!
What I Wear-
Black Wool Pea Coat-Fashion Bug (Gift)
Teal Blue Maurices Ruffled Shirt-$3.25
Knee Length Plaid Wool Skirt-Thrifted $3.99
Bear Paw boots- borrowed
I picked up some red and teal blue yarn today, so look out world! Natashas making scarfs! Thank you to everyone who gave their input on how much they would spend on scarfs! I think I can hit around that range, depending on how long it takes me to make them.
QUESTION:What Gift Did You Receive That Your Most Excited About?

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  1. I love your skirt! My favorite gift was a teall swing top dress :)


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