Feminine Fashion Week Day-2 "50's Inspired Dress"

Hello! All of you may be wondering why I'm sitting on the computer instead of being at church. I'm still not feeling very good and woke up coughing a lung up this morning. And since none of you can catch whatever I have through the computer...I'm on here talking to you! Wouldn't it be awful if you could catch stuff through the screen?! I'm very excited about this fashion week! I've had a ton more entries this fashion week than last! Thank you all for your support, and I'll see you tomorrow!

QUESTION: What Item In The Giveaway Are You Most Excited About Maybe Getting?


  1. I really like that dress on you-- it's very flattering!

  2. accck- Natasha! This outfit is awesome! I love the retro vibe! I hope you feel better soon!! Take care!

  3. Cute outfit! :) Hope you get better soon.

    For your question, I'm most excited about the jewlrey. :)

  4. Oh my! I adore that dress!! I agree with Alyssa, it is very flattering on you!

  5. Very pretty, Natasha! Love the dress!

  6. I am excited about winningthe Jane Austen Address book :)

  7. LOVE this!! It's so cute!! :)
    I'm most excited about winning the address book and the cross necklace :)

  8. Cute dress! I love it, Natasha!

    As for what I'd like to win most... Hmmm, probably the jewelery, but also the address book because I need and address book right now!

  9. I love this dress! It is so flattering and feminine! :) Sorry my entries were a little late. I have all three days up now though!! :)

  10. I love your sweater! That would be awful if we could catch stuff through the screen! That would be a whole new meaning of computer viruses! ;) Sorry I'm a day late!


    P.S. Hope you feel better!


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