Feminine Fashion Week Day-4 "Spring In The Winter"

Hey everyone! Today is day 4 of Feminine Fashion Week (affectionately shortened to FFW by the lazy person running this blog). I'm feeling much, much better today and hope to be able to go outside and take pictures very soon. After the wonderful response I got to doing 'best of FFW' I will most definitely be doing it! I haven't decided how often I'll be doing the best of though...perhaps a page designated for the 'best of FFW'?
For whatever reason this skirt reminds me of a little girls skirt...weird! As I love it!
 My look today actually popped out at me from my closet, an action that doesn't happen often for me! I glanced at my closet, and immediately the skirt and shirt 'clicked'!
In addition to hosting FFW, Blogging, school, life and breathing, I'm also working on a skirt!
You know me, the more projects I work on the better! Its not finished, and I will probably lop a foot or so off the hemline, but here is the unfinished project:
I haven't had the chance before now, but I thought I'd introduce to you the newest addition to my life:
I received her for Christmas, much to my delight! Shes wonderful, and helps take my sewing and designing to the next level!

 Enter Feminine Fashion Week Day 4 Below!


  1. Cute outfit! I do sew ( Not really into patterns, I wish I was though :)

  2. You look so young in the first picture! It's cute!

    Nice outfit too, I like it.

  3. Oh my goodness, Natasha! We keep having the same "themes.." I JUST posted my fourth day, and guess what the title is??

    "A Little Bit of Spring!"

    ..hehe! GREAT minds htink alike, eh?? ;)

    PRETTY outfit! I love the tights addition. :D I should have thought of legs were freezing!


  4. Nice outfit! Like the shirt! :)

  5. I can't sew yet. I have a machine. But I haven't exactly yet figured out how to thread my machine and stuff. I think I need to know all that first haha. Then I could *make* maternity clothes. That would be awesome.

    Does your dressform adjust for different clothing sizes, or do you get it in just one size?


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