What I Wear- Mish-mash Totally Unlogical Outfit!

Have you ever just thrown something on? Not cared if it matched? Didn't care what looks people gave you? Yes, that's what I did today! The tights with lace tights is just a spur of the moment, I can't find tights that match this outfit! But now its growing on me, and I'm thinking colored tights (blue perhaps), would look super cute under the lace! After I bought these lace tights last year, I realized it was a bad idea! I'm mean, come on girl! Ya live in Montana for pity's sake! Lace tights?! Really? So this is a good idea for me. Adding the tights, I was able to wear the lace tights without freezing my legs off!

 What I Wear-
Hot Pink Vanity Cardigan-$2
Teal Blue Maurices Shirt With Ruffles-$5
Brown Corduroy Maurice Skirt-$3.99 (Thrifted)
Lace Tights-?
White Vanity Leggings-$2
Brown Maurices Boots-$5
Claires Necklace-?

    QUESTION: WHATS YOUR FAVORITE                    PIECE IN THIS OUTFIT?                   


  1. Favorite piece in the outfit: the tights for sure :) Very cute!

  2. Love the top and the cardi together! Good on you for being brave enough to try something different with what you wear :)

  3. What's funny is this outfit still comes across as cute to me! *smile* Fun colors!

  4. Lol! It doesn't look as bad as some of my thrown-together outfits!

  5. Love that hot pink cardigan - I have one just like it!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  6. totally works, too fun girl! i love a good cardi anytime;)


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