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Hey everyone! This outfit was actually worn yesterday, and I'm writing this yesterday...but your reading it today..this is getting confusing! Lets simplify: I have this set to post automatically on March 19th! Much better! March 19th also happens to be my youngest sister's birthday! She'll be 11 today! Happy Birthday Patience!

I finally got around to sort of copy-catting Elaine. While I don't usually reccomend copy-catting other Bloggers, in this case its okay-its jewlery! I bought the flowers awhile ago and hadn't gotten around to making the necklace till a few days ago. basically all I did was yank the plastic pieces out of the flower's middle, cut up a piece of fabric into a necklace shape large enough to hold three flowers. Then I hot glued the flowers to the fabric. After that I glued the flowers on I hot glued some pieces of ribbon on for the fastener and 'voila! A statement necklace!
My family thinks it's weird, that's why I'm wearing it...*GRIN* JK! It's like wearing a bit of Spring around your neck! And it's just a tad bit too large, but I'm not really sure how to trim it down at this I guess we'll dub this flower necklace attempt #1! 

Question: What's the most daring/trendy/crazy piece in your closet?


  1. This is super cute! And happy birthday to your little sis! :D
    But wait...wasn't today the blogger day of silence for Japan??

  2. Love the flower necklace, so sweet. I also saw this awhile back on Elaine's blog.


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