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 Hey everyone! Today I *gasp* didn't feel like wearing a skirt! It was windy, and felt pretty cold (it wasn't really, 43 deg.) So I opted for a modest approach to jeans: a long sweater! I don't think pants are wrong to wear, but I personally feel uncomfortable in jeans after wearing skirts for so long. They feel tight, constricting and...jean-y! And yes, I made that word up! *GRIN* I have been considering getting some loose fitting slacks (not jeans) with large bell bottoms. Any ideas on where to buy some? I'm thinking black, grey or brown. I've seen some on a couple sites, and they look very feminine and modest. If they'll look that way on me, I don't know.

I've decided I need a closet lift. To me this includes:
  • Getting rid of the 'junk' in my closet that just sits around.
  • Buying neuatral clothes (white shirt, plain easily mixed items)
  • A few 'trendy' new pieces that are cheap (I.E sale clothes, or cheap jewelry)
Would anyone be interested in buying some of my clothes? I wear a size M-to XL depending on how the shirt is made (I.E if the shirts too tight, I go up a size) and a size 6-10 skirt. Let me know. I would be willing to do some deals, but I'd like it to be fair to both me and you.

Blue Thumb Hole Shirt JcPenney ($7) Black Cowl Neck Sweater Kmart ($2) Jeans thrifted ($3.99)
Boots Emu (Gift)
Question: Would you be interested in buying my clothes?


  1. the 1st pic of you is so cute! love the outfit! oh, and by the way, I am not a big fan of jeans either! ;)

  2. That thumb hole shirt is so awesome!! I love it!! :)

  3. I think I got all of my slacks at JCPenney's, although I might have gotten one pair from Kohl's- I can't remember for sure. I have two black pairs and one brown pair. I like them a lot more than jeans because they're loose around the rear and thigh people take me more seriously/professionally when I'm wearing slacks or skirts!

  4. Wide leg pants are the only ones I will wear, almsot all others feel like they're too tight. Forever21 will usually have some good ones. I got my favorite pair from J. Jill, they're wide and loose, sort of like a divided skirt but not really? I can't wait to see what outfits you come up with when you get them! :)

  5. I know what you mean about jeans! I don't think mine even fit anymore...
    I'm considering buying some hippie fabric, seam ripping the sides of my jeans, and sewing the hippie fabric in. New bell bottom hippie jeans that no one else will have, and they will actually fit too!


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