What I Wear- Feminine Cowgirl!

Hey everyone! Today's outfit is a little bit "Cowgirl" inspired! I borrowed this blue jean shirt from my sister, and for some reason it has a 'Montana cowgirl' feel to it. But of course, I added a feminine touch, a skirt! Thus I dub this outfit the: How to wear Combat boot femininely and look like a cowgirl. So I'm very excited, to help my closet along we're going out of town (well, actually my family thinks we're going out of town for fun, but they're really doing it to help my closet! *shhh!*)! Where they have real malls! And real clothes! *hyperventilating* You might be thinking I'm crazy, but I live in a fairly small town. The mall consists of (Clothing wise): JcPenney, Herbergers,Vanity, Maurices, Claires. That's it! So when we get to go out of town, it's a real treat! So all of you people out there not appreciating your mall: stop!
I'm most excited to be going to Ross, which we don't have where I live. I'm hoping to maybe find an Easter dress, and some 40's style shoes. I've been on the hunt for a low heeled pair of 40's style mary janes. I'll know them when I seem 'em! I have this weird thing where I get an idea of a certain item (be it clothing or otherwise) and I obsess over finding it! So this could be one of those times.. I saw a pair similar to what I was looking for at Ross last time, but they didn't have my size in stock. Which totally stunk!
I'm fairly tall (5"8) and so I don't really feel comfortable in high heels. The tallest I would ever wear is an 1"-1"1/2. 2"? Maybe... but prefer short heels. Its not much fun 'looking down' on people! What's your heel height preference?

Blue Jean Shirt Wal Mart ($1 borrowed) White Shirt Target ($4) Skirt Thrifted ($3.99) White Leggings Vanity ($2) Brown Combat Boots (borrowed)

I included this one of my little sister and I, just for fun! : )


  1. Oh, cuteness!!! I love the pattern of your skirt fabric with the jean blouse.

    Thanks for your encouragement. I've thought about posting more modest fashion ideas on a slightly "regular" basis. My main goal is just to encourage young women through my writing on my blog... but I know from experience how encouraging it can be to get clothing ideas from young women who are striving to be modest and have fun with it! :) Maybe I'll do this... haha, probably!

    Have a great week, Natasha. God bless!

    PS. The pic of you and your sis is very sweet! Love it!

  2. So pretty! Love the outfit it's super cute! And the mountains behind you in the 3rd pic are gorgeous too! :)

  3. I love it! Especially the skirt!

  4. So cute! I really like your boots. :)

    I'm pretty short... 5'3".... so I don't care how tall my heels are as far as how tall it makes ME. :) However for comfort sake I really don't like anything more than 3 inches. Makes it too hard to function in !! :)

  5. ahh I love the outfit! I'm the same way with shoes. I'm 5'10", I think the biggest heel height I wear out of the house is 1". I've got some tall black boots which I LOVE but they have a 2" heel on them so I'm chicken to wear them out. I've also got these black oxfords that have about an 1 1/2". I wear those sometimes; not very often though.


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