200th Follower Giveaway! Leslie Ludy Books!

Faithful followers will know that I have 134 followers right now! (Okay, so I'm probably the only one who knows that...) I decided it would be fun to have a 200th follower giveaway! This doesn't mean that if your the 200th follower, you'll win. In fact, I'd like to get over 200 followers if I can! Heres how its going to work:

After I reach 200 followers, I will start the giveaway!

What will you be winning you ask? Two Leslie Ludy books (pictured above) appropriate for all ages!
Lost Art Of True Beauty, And Set Apart Femininty!

Please leave each entry in SEPERATE comments.

1 Entry: {You must be a follower to enter this giveaway! You CAN NOT enter the giveaway until there are 200 followers! (I will block all commenting on this post till then)}
Leave a comment after I reach 200 followers, telling me your a follower so you get your entry!

Become a follower now, to raise the numbers, and also get an update when I reach 200!

1 Entry: Put my giveaway button on your blog sidebar(Ultimatley you will be helping to speed up the process by spreading the word)

<em><a><img src="<a href=";current=200.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>"/></a>

1 Entry: Leave the link to your favorite outfit featured on my blog.
1 Entry: Post about my blog on your blog (leave link).
1 Entry: Tell me something you'd like me to post about in the future.
1 Entry: Put my blog on your blog roll (leave link)
1 Entry: Tell me a product you'd like to see me review.
1 Entry: Leave me a link to your favorite modest fashion blog.


  1. Congrats on 200 followers! I am now following you and would love to be entered in this giveaway!

  2. Id love to see some hair tutorial posts!


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