What I Wear- Makeover Weekend!

Hello ladies, today was a big day for me! I cut my bangs! And my mom pierced my ears! Yes! I said my mom! We were going to go to Spokane WA, but the weather was just too weird to go this time. Maybe in a couple months. But anyways, piercing my ears at home was...stressfull! I was calm cool and collected! *lie lie* Want to know the honest to goodness truth? I was scared out of my mind! I actually almost hyperventilated! But you won't tell anyone will you? *wink*
Sorry for the close up on my yucky pimples. They show up a ton redder on the camera than in real life, which stinks, but oh well! Heres my earrings anyways!

Here is me before bangs:
I started out really small and simple. I may cut full bangs later on, but I'm really happy with the end result! I've never cut my bangs before (I'm 16!) I've had the same hair style for 14+ years and needed a change! So this is me for now.
 Wool Pea Cot Fashion Bug (gift) Striped Dress Ross ($13) Grey/Black Slacks Target ($12) Ballet Flats Payless ($8)

I also took a picture of the ear piercing kit for fun:
Scary no? : )
QUESTION: Do you have bangs? Do you think I should cut my bangs more, or leave them?


  1. congrats on getting your ears pierced and being brave about it!
    Oh, and I love your outfit!!!
    And great job with the bangs!!! :)

  2. My Mom's older sister pierced my mom's ears when they were kids. (Not sure what age) she used a needle, and a potato. Now THAT would scare me. haha

  3. I absolutely love having bangs. When I got them cut, my hairdresser doubted me. Especially when I told her that the last I had bangs was in elementary school. They can either make you look a whole lot younger, or much more mature. How you dress and act can affect alot.

  4. I think I would be just as scared as you or more so if I was to get my ears pierced at home....

    About bangs.... I am not certain if full bangs would look good on you... They might though. If your bangs grow fast you can try it if you like. I did it myself a couple weeks ago. Just one thing, you have to wash your hair more so that the bangs will lie flat. ;)

  5. I love the bangs! ^^ I'm trying to decide if I want mine trimmed or not...they're kind of a weird length, haha. But yours look great!

  6. There are make-ups that actually really help pimples. I have zits (and lots of scars) but I started to use Mark Avon products that really have helped because they have cleansers and such to work against that. I used to try all those proactiv stuff (murad, acne complex, etc. . .none of it worked) but this has helped and their make up is good too. I know you probably are thinking it's not true from my photos, but sometimes I have such bad break outs that I photoshop my photos.

    Anyway the bangs you have are cute, but I think it is good to get some overall body in your hair to add with the bangs. It is up to you with which length of bangs you want or will feel comfortable with. I butchered my bangs when I cut them so short recently. All hair types are so different so it is hard to say what would look best for you.

  7. Love the bangs!!
    And I bet you are going to have SO much fun with having your ears pierced! All of those different earrings!! I LOVE having mine pierced!!!


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