What I Wear- How To Wear An Eternity Scarf

 I went through my closet this morning and I have some bad news for all of you. I have two Summer skirts! All the rest are Winter (as in wool) and there is no way I'm wearing wool when it gets warm! You see, I'm a delicate flower and will wilt if left to warm weather. *GRIN* So, here's my question for you amazing fashionista misses, where do you buy your skirts? I ask so I can copy you and steal all your ideas and use them as my own! Or something like that....(that was me being witty, sick right?)
As you may have gathered around Spring time, my mind turns to changing my wardrobe, and removing the heavy dust of Winter.

Purple Shirt Herbergers (Borrowed from Patience) Leather Jacket Wal Mart ($5) Embroidered Skirt Thrifted ($3.99) Boots Bear Paw (Borrowed from Mom)
Question: If you could buy any clothing item from anywhere (money is no object) what would you buy?


  1. I have wardrobe problems too. I have to summer shirts! I shop for most of my skirts at thrift stores. They seem to be the only stores that carry long skirts which I like.

    If money were not object I would probably buy several denim skirts. :)


  2. I love Old Navy's spring/summer skirts! Last year they had some beautiful long ones! (Just below the knee and to the ankle). I'm not sure about this years skirts though...haven't look yet :)

  3. I buy almost all of my skirts at thrift stores, actually! My best finds are always at inexpensive little places or Goodwill. Kohls can (somtimes) have very cute skirts... a bit pricey though. is also a place I shop for longer skirts... yes, pricey, but wonderful!

    God bless!

  4. I have bought 90% of my skirts either at the thrift store or on e-bay. The thrift store has a great selection, but sometimes $3.99 (at Goodwill) is a bit pricey in my opinion, so I wait for 99 cent days at Goodwill. They happen every Wednesday and Sunday where I live, and a certain tag color will be only 99 cents! You can't beat that!

  5. I love clothing from places like Shabby Apple and Mod Cloth. Some of it is not as modest (a bit too short; a bit too tight) but a lot of it is so stylish, vintage, and modest. I'd like to have a million dollars to replace my whole wardrobe with vintage chic stuff from those two places.

  6. I would have to agree with a lot of these girls here... thrift store is the place to get pretty skirts. You know why? The patterns are unique! You'd rarely see a double of the skirt you're wearing!

    As for any clothing item if money is no option, maybe the band jacket that Vivienne Westwood designed for Adam Ant? Or something that would go down in history :)

    Your tights are cool and also, I wish we had more snow!! I really don't want winter to go away.

    Thanks again for the sweet comment! You rule longer than a ruler... harhar. :)

  7. I sew almost all of my skirts. The skirts I didn't sew, I got from friends.

    If money was not an objection, I would buy from Anthropologie. :P


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