What I Wear- 40's Maurices Dress

So I'm super excited! The Nancy Drew Fashion Week starts day after tomorrow! Are you ready? I'm not! I realized I planned on making a dress, and never got around to it. Now that's sad! My own fashion show, not ready for it! Plane b? Thrift stores here I come! Remember, you can enter here or on Ashley's Blog. I encourage you to head over to her blog and become a follower. She has an awesome blog, and you can keep up with the entries at her blog as well!
So what do you think of me getting all fancy on you? Yep, blurred background! Simply any blogger who's anyone is blurring the backgrounds...or something like that. Of course, real fashion bloggers probably can figure out how to set the camera to do that, I cheated and used Gimp.
Welcome to all of my new (and old) followers! I now have 160 people interested in modest fashion! That rocks! And since your supposed to write like every person reading your blog is a new follower, I'll give you a more personal update on me! I'm totally and insanely obsessed with music, and I'm currently teaching myself to play piano! The piano is such an amazing instrument (even if mine is out of tune)! I'm working on playing Ode To Joy by Bethoveen. I'm having a hard time reading the music, as every other insturment I've ever played (bass and acoustic guitar) has chords (such A-G and Am-Gm and a bunch of other boring stuff I won't mention) But I am making some progress reading the music. Patience and perserverance right?
Pink Coral Cardigan Vanity ($2) 40's style dress Maurices (gift for my 16th birthday) Black boots Payless (borrowed from mom)



  1. Cute and very pretty/classy outfit!=D
    I LOVE Nancy Drew! I use to read the books/play the games all the time! Too bad I don't have anything "Nancy Drew" styled =/

  2. Answer: NO WAY! I really need to stock up my closet...
    Love your dress! adorable :)

  3. Cute! I love the dress, especially with the cardigan.

  4. Pretty outfit, Natasha!!! Love the colors!

  5. That dress is too cute!!!

    As far as your comment on the contest thing... we definitely will do more about modesty!! If you would ever like to write a post about purity we would love to post it on there for you and give you all the credit. Just let me know! My e-mail is

    Btw, thanks for entering the contest! :)


  6. I am not ready for the fashion show. I am working on a dress that I hope to use, but I don't have the right zipper! So, I'll have to wait until we go to town to get one. :)

    I look forward to seeing your Nancy style!


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