Nancy Drew Fashion Week-Day 1 "Modern Nancy!"

 Hey! Today is the first day of the Nancy Drew fashion week! I have a giveaway going on, so be sure to enter that! I was very bad, I didn't sew anything for the fashion show. I was hoping to, but time got away from me! So I'm sporting the "Nancy of 2011" style!
 I stole a magnifying glass from my dad, and grabbed a flashlight. 'Voila instant Nancy vibe!

 I'm so excited! The driveway is a mess of slush! Look out Summer here I come! You may think me crazy for not wearing anything on my legs, but your just gonna have to get over it! Tights would've ruined the look! Besides, it wasn't that cold outside.

White Shirt Ross ($5) Black Shrug Romy ($4) Polka Dot Skirt Thrifted ($2) Black ballet flats Payless ($8)

QUESTION:What shoes do you pair with skirts?


  1. You have a wonderful sense of style and your blog is lovely. You should check out my blog!


  2. Cute! I love your skirt. :)

    I usually wear boot with my skirts in the Winter.. and in the Summer I like flip flops (classy, I know! lol), and the occasional wear of cowboy boots or wedge sandals. :) I have a pair of comfy black flats,, and they get a lot of wear too!!

  3. That first pic is so cute! :)

  4. What a cute outfit! :)
    And you know what? You kind of look like Nancy Drew with your blonde hair, fair skin, and your blue eyes (Or did she have green...?). Well anyways, I totally love the look of that whole outfit on you!


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