Natasha's 17th Birthday!

Me, my younger brother, and younger sister

So ladies, I need to tell you something...I'm old! I had a great birthday, and thank you all for the birthday wishes! I'll have more later about what I did, but for now I'll post pictures-includes pictures of other people this time, its not ALL about me! Oh is! *GRIN* Joking!

 Do I look any older than when I was 16?

Oh, and sorry for the lame outfit! It looks better in real life! Don't you just hate when you take pictures of what you think is a cute outfit, and then get home and upload pictures only to find that the outfit stinks?  
Oh, and as a sneak peak I got something really cool for my birthday from my mom and dad! Vintage hairstyle books! Yay me!


  1. Happy Birthday Natasha! I know what you mean about getting old. My birthday was four days ago and I felt like checking myself into a retirement home- and I'm only 20! I hope you had a good birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Natasha! May God bless you today and always!


  3. Happy b-day, Natasha! Hope your day has been amazing!
    Gee... you can't be that old. I'm older than you and I know that I am nowhere NEAR being ancient! ;)

    God bless!

  4. Happy bday young one!!!LOL Im only older by a year!hehe
    Did you get your bangs cut shorter? It looks like it.
    I LOVE the shirt and neck-less you had on in the first 2 pics!! The skirt is a little two short for me, BUT it looks great on you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday~! Lol, if you think seventeen is old, wait until you're coming up on eighteen...that's mine this year!

  6. Happy birthday Natasha!

    May your light shine even brighter to those around you as a testimony of our Lord.

    Ouch, you're not old, girlie! My 17th birthday was several years ago and even now I don't feel old. (Or should I be? Hehehe...)

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  7. You are so pretty!! Did you ever get a chance to read my post on modesty? Btw, you might also want to check out my new giveaway on love unawakened!! :)

  8. Happy birthday! :D


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