What I Wear-Dangle Earrings!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't gotten on my Blogger again! It's been one of 'those' weeks! You know the kind where you are super busy with...nothing? No seriously! I feel like I've been running around all day, yet when I think about what I've been up to, nothing comes to mind! Nothing of importance that is! Other than school-don't you just love graphing 3-variable equations on a 3 axis plane? No, it's actually not that bad! I can't believe I'm even saying that! But I find that if I don't stress out about how hard the equations are, It's not really that hard! Crazy, right?
I 'sort of' wore this outfit Sunday (I took pictures today, but forgot to Sunday) With the exception of the skirt. I'm super excited, we'll be going to Spokane WA this month! Know what that means? Forever 21, Fashion Bug, HUGE malls! I know that makes me sound like a country bumpkin, but seriously ladies! The malls there are GINORMOUS! We literally got lost in one last time! I earned $40 in gift cards from Suddenly Darling to Forever 21, so that means I have $40 to spend on anything in the store, and it's free technically! (I had to earn points, but it didn't take that much effort really!) Oh, and if any of you decide to sign up, please use the link from my blog HERE (I'll get points if you do!)

I'm trying verrrrryyyy hard to be more creative with my clothes, I'm lacking! What do you girls do when you get into those "clothing slumps"? I find myself slipping back into the t-shirt and jeans, or worse yet, I wore sweats yesterday! Speaking of sweats, anyone do/heard of Turbo Jam? That's the exercise program I do, and I have to recommend it! It's fun, but you also sweat a ton! Aside from your usual immodest exercise clothes, it's a great workout! (I'm not getting any money from saying that by the way) You should totally check it out! What's your form of exercise?
 What I'm Wearing: Grey Thrifted Shirt ($3) Blue Jean Skirt Thrifted ($3) Mary Jane Shoes ($30)

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  1. Cute! I love your earrings~!(:
    How long does it usually take you to put together your outfits? I tend to take quite a while, unless I'm in a particularly creative mood.

    & I just decided to try Suddenly Darling. ^^ Looks like fun!


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